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Animation & Illustration (US802) 

This programme is unique to the midlands campus as no other educational provider offers a programme combining both animation and illustration at undergraduate or postgraduate level in Ireland.

Graduates of the BA (hons) in Animation and Illustration will have the capacity to apply their knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of illustration and principles of animation to a broad range of areas within the animation and illustration sector in Ireland and internationally.


Our students develop the capacity for independent learning as well as producing work collaboratively. Solid analytical and IT-related skills, as well as high levels of critical reasoning through the twin emphasis of both animation and illustration, are vital to creating strong, visually appealing and imaginative artwork.

The 2023 graduating cohort from our BA (Hons) in Animation and Illustration have produced fabulous, wild and wonderful illustrated, animated, augmented and immersive projects for their final year submissions.


The group have displayed their talents in visually compelling and technically sophisticated illustrated graphics novels, picture journals, immersive games, augmented experiences and animated films for the 2023 end of year Gradshow.  Their work showcases their individual interests, their study of the world around them and their capturing and dissemination of this intrigue through form, colour, texture, extended and augmented realities and of course, movement!

Their unique approaches have created bodies of artwork that represent their artistic talents. We are very proud of the work created by the 2023 Animation and Illustration graduating class.

Our 2023 Graduates view site

Kirsha Aldritt
Alice Bolger Aboud
Isaiah Brien
Jack Casserly
Caoilin Corcoran
Liam Gill
Aodhan Greene
Naomi Hanlon
Gavin Harte
Rebecca Keogh
James Macken
Kirstie Maher
Ciaran McGrath
Bebhinn Mc Mahon
Caoilte O'Callaghan
Axell Reddy
Martin Shiels

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