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Graphic & Digital Design (US803)

As one of the top graphic design courses in Ireland, the BA (Honours) in Graphic and Digital Design will provide you with a unique and exciting educational experience while learning to become a designer.

Built on a legacy of over 40 years of art and design, your creative talents will be nurtured by a team of lecturers who are passionate about their field. Within each design studio you will have your own designated work space where you will receive one-to-one tuition from staff who want your experience to be the very best and who understand that design learning must be tailored to the student’s distinctive creative flair and interests. You’ll be encouraged to follow your passion and to develop your design process through research and experimentation. At the same time, you will be exposed to a host of new, exciting disciplines and skills that will enhance your critical and theoretical thinking to help you advance your skills as a conceptual and strategic graphic designer.


Over your design education journey, supported by committed staff, you will grow into a designer with broad knowledge and an informed world view, who can deconstruct communication problems, conceptualise and execute resolutions, and who can articulate and confidently present your creative work. You will have access to staff members with a very wide-ranging body of knowledge and experience in both visual communications and fine art practice, both at national and international levels.


You are guaranteed one-to-one learner/ lecturer interactivity in a purpose-built environment with excellent personal studio space and production facilities.

Our 2023 Graduates

Luca-Ray Boehl - View Work

Fleur Boemigan - View Work

Nicole Burrell - View Work

Cong Cao (CC) - View Work

Sinead Connaughton - View Work

Lea Deike - View Work

Wiktor Dytko - View Work

Mingyue Fang (JENNY) - View Work

Joseph Farrell - View Work

Rebecca Greaves - View Work

Laura Guza - View Work

Anna Hartmann - View Work

Adam Hunter - View Work

Qinyu Jiang (JACOB) - View Work

Franziska Kaiser - View Work

Aleksandra Kulaszewicz - View Work

Qinglin Lai (LINCOLN) - View Work

Gia Bao Lam- View Work

Li Muyao (FRED) - View Work

Li Chenyu (SWEENEY)  - View Work

Li Yuhan (EDITH) - View Work

Li Chang (CINDY) - View Work

Shiyu Liang (ELLEN) - View Work

Yidan Lyu (LINDA) - View Work

Heather Mc Elhenny - View Work

Anne Möck - View Work

Emma Newman - View Work

Elias Oelkers - View Work

Lara Prigge - View Work

Bingxian Shu (TERESA) - View Work

Florian Sieck- View Work

Mingchi Sun (CLARA) - View Work

Wenting Sun (KRISTAL) - View Work

Thomas Turner - View Work

Myles Vincent - View Work

Arjen Wallenhauer - View Work

Weiqi Wang (WEEGEE) - View Work

Xingyi Wang (GRACE) - View Work

Rachel Wittich - View Work

Ming Yang (YUMMY) - View Work

Tianhao Zhao (BEN) - View Work

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